Working Hard

Rehabilitation from spinal cord damage is difficult, but Dave is working hard. Every day is packed with physical therapy sessions scheduled from 8am to 4pm. The doctors and therapists are trying to give Dave back as much strength and function as possible. It involves daily assessment where some days he is stronger than others. Some days it is no problem for him to transition from the bed to the wheelchair and on other days it seems almost impossible. There is a lot for us to learn for him to be safe and as independent as possible at home.

This is just so much to process. Please continue to pray for us as we adjust to this new life. It is overwhelming and can be very discouraging. Please continue to pray for God’s healing in Dave’s body. We won’t give up on that. We know God is able. Please pray for renewed strength – physical, emotional, and spiritual. God promises it, and we need it.

We are expecting to go home this Friday. That’s a day that can’t come soon enough for Dave. He is looking forward to being in his own home, sitting in the back yard, and spending time with our little Mr. Smith.

“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.” Isaiah 40:29

I’ve probably heard this verse a thousand times, but it has never been more needed or real as it is now. It’s one thing to know something in theory, but quite another to need it desperately.