Dave woke up in the early morning hours on Saturday with a high fever, so they left for Cedars ER as soon as they could. While in ER they had some very scary hours as his blood pressure dropped to dangerous levels, so they admitted him into ICU where they could monitor him very closely. They have now identified an infection that is the cause of the high fever and he is on several antibiotics to fight that infection. His temperature is coming down and his blood pressure is slowly climbing toward normal range. 

We are all relieved and hopeful that this is just another frustrating detour, but Dave is just so miserable and tired of not feeling well. He has absolutely “had it” with not being well. There is still so much that he wants to do and be and accomplish, and his body isn’t cooperating. He truly misses his life and all the things he was able to do for his family, friends, and church.

The image that came into my mind today was a little kid standing on the shore watching the waves rolling in.  As he inches out a little deeper into the water, a wave knocks him down.  He gets himself up and yet another wave comes crashing down on him.  This happens over and over, each wave sucking more energy and spirits out of his already frail body.  This is where we are at. Waves crashing. 

Church today was one of the most powerful experiences I have had in a long time.  You may not have felt the same thing, but from my seat, I literally felt God’s presence and power picking us up.  My hope is that as each wave hits my parents, they would feel that same presence picking them up.  

It was fitting that we studied what UNSTOPPABLE PRAYER looks like today in church.  As we looked at the first prayer of the first church, we were challenged to ask big, bold, and supernatural requests.  God listens and He is more than able to answer our UNSTOPPABLE PRAYERS. Here is how you can pray specifically and expectantly for our family…

  • That Dave’s temperature and blood pressure would continue to improve.
  • That the antibiotics tackle the infection quickly and efficiently.
  • That all the fluids they are pumping into his body don’t cause problems with his lungs.
  • For patience and fortitude on this long journey.
  • For miraculous new vitality and strength (body, mind, and spirit) as he recuperates and moves forward once again.
  • That the doctors can come up with a good plan to prevent these infections.
  • For a new understanding of God’s divine plan in all of this.

We continue to pray bold prayers for healing. We continue to proclaim the greatness of our amazing God. We continue to daily submit to His divine plan, even though it is very difficult. We continue to completely and wholeheartedly believe that God can do anything! We continue to depend on Him for a new portion of strength and energy for each new day.

God’s still got this.