There must be an important lesson in waiting because that’s what we have been doing all day. Everything takes longer than you think it’s going to take. The hospital is very full due to the intense flu season, so we have been waiting all day for a bed. We finally got into a room 10 minutes ago. And now the wait begins for a place in the schedule for the spinal tap (lumbar puncture). Hopefully tomorrow. And we thought we’d be finished with all of that by now.

The IV meds are helping, but David’s headache and nausea persist. He is very miserable. Please pray that he can get good rest tonight and that the procedure goes smoothly tomorrow. Please pray also for a hedge of protection around David against the flu and viruses that are rampant in the hospital. I’m concerned about that. And, of course, pray that they discover quickly the source of Dave’s symptoms… and that it’s not the leukemia.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayer support and your loving messages sent our way. It makes a difference! We will let you know as soon as we have answers. I know that there are a lot of you who are as anxious as I am. That’s when we rest in the Lord!

Much love,

Carol Stoecklein