Thank You!

It has been a week now since we have been home from the hospital, and I apologize for not getting an update posted sooner. It’s always so wonderful to come home, but it’s also a significant adjustment with the level of care that is needed. We are finding our rhythm and looking for the snippets of laughter and enjoyment in each day. Mr. Smith certainly helps with that! And Austin is running a close second. Ha.

The temperature and infection are beat once again. Thank you, God! Looking back, we realize that was a scary one. But God is bigger and stronger, cuz He’s Got This! The Bible says so and now the license plate on Dave’s jeep says so, too. Dave is still struggling with fatigue, muscle spasms, and pain, but he is also still fighting hard to regain as much strength and endurance as possible.

We continue to be grateful for each day, asking God to show us His purpose in all of this. Living in the tension between having full confidence in God’s power to heal and at the same time knowing that He holds purpose in everything is a crazy place to be. God promises to use all things for good to those who live for Him, but if we had the ability to choose, we’d choose full and complete healing! God knows that; we tell Him all the time. And then we get up off our knees, trusting in His providence and plan.

There are days we are wearing thin, and then someone delivers a meal to the doorstep. There are days we are tempted to give in to discouragement, but then we get a card in the mail with encouragement and the assurance of prayers. There are days where we are looking at a medical bill, and then someone sends assistance. You have been amazing and we truly appreciate every expression of love and care you have shown us. Thank you for all of your prayers and all of the kindness you have extended to us.

Specific prayer needs:

* Wisdom for doctors in plan for preventing future infections.
* Smooth biopsy next week showing good results.
* Strength and health of Dave’s lungs.
* Resolve with wheelchair company over co-pay.
* Resolve with hospital and insurance company over a payment. Guidance on who to call to get it resolved quickly.
* More physical therapy.
*That God would multiply the rest and minimize the fatigue, muscle spasms, and pain.
* That God would keep the leukemia away.

We appreciate you,

Carol Stoecklein