Physical strength. Emotional strength. Spiritual strength. Mental strength. This battle requires a great deal of them all, and there are days when we run low. It’s so good to know (I mean really know) that this doesn’t depend on our own strength. Don’t get me wrong… we are pretty strong! I’m so proud of my husband. He is pushing through great obstacles of many kinds. He is still serving God, caring about people and their eternal destiny, and fighting the good fight of faith. It is a daily struggle that requires great strength.

We run low; run out. No matter how strong you are, human strength is fleeting. Eventually you will run out. You will. And here’s the cool thing about God: He is always right there, just waiting for us to turn to Him. So why do we even try to do it on our own? Pride? Unbelief? Stubbornness? Ignorance? Self-sufficiency? Or maybe a smorgasbord of them all. It’s the American way. It’s the unspoken message we have learned to be tough and to not need.

God, in all His love and goodness, extends to us His strength and power. I picture it as God offering us a big, warm, soft, and cozy jacket on a cold day that we desperately need against the elements of each day. He offers it to us every single day. His goodness and strength to surround us and carry us through that day. And yet sometimes we choose to leave it hanging in the closet at home. So foolish. So needless.

Hey, IHCers, are you reading your Psalms with us? So good. Yesterday in the chemo treatment room, we prayed Psalm 86 over and over again, this time from The Message translation.

“But you, O God, are both tender and kind,
    not easily angered, immense in love,
    and you never, never quit.
So look me in the eye and show kindness,
    give your servant the strength to go on
    save your dear, dear child.
                         Psalm 86:15-16 

That was the verse of the day for us yesterday. We needed strength, and God offered it in many ways. The peace we felt even though chemo was tough. The reassurance from the doctor that the leukemia is still in remission. The comfort and support from a special nurse who showed she really cares. The physical strength from our neighbors who helped Dave after his legs buckled and he fell in the garage (thank you, neighbor!). The kind and heartfelt prayers of those neighbors after they helped Dave get to the bed. 

Maybe you need strength today. Maybe the assignments for today, whatever they may be, feel overwhelming. Run to God in this moment. Put on that big, warm, and comforting jacket of His presence, His peace, and His strength. Rest in Him and let Him give you His strength.