Sooner Than We Thought

We are very happy to tell you that Dave got out of the hospital last night – much sooner than we expected. Thank you, God!

The care we received at Pomona Valley Hospital was phenomenal. We ran into a lot of IHC'ers who work there. Thank you especially to Lena, Nate and Gerty for assisting us in very special ways. We appreciate you! We were glad that Cedars didn’t have any beds. It meant we got to stay closer to home this time. And I liked my fold-out couch at PVH much better than my cot at Cedars!

Each episode with infection is a bit of a set-back in strength for Dave, but we are not giving up. We are going to keep pushing forward even if by baby steps. There is a lot going on with Dave’s care, but we are going to live “in Him” today. Next week we will get back on track with the weekly chemo sessions. His doctors are in continual amazement that he is defying all expectations, and we know that’s because God still has His purposes. We are grateful. What a gift.

Thank you for all of your prayers. They are making a difference. This is a crazy life we are living. It still boggles my mind. But there are many people living similar things. We see them in a way we never have before. Sometimes life is overwhelming, but God is always reaching out to us.