Yesterday was another tough chemo day at Cedars, but the best part of the day was when Dr. Linahres told us that Dave is officially in remission. Yeah God! At this point there is no evidence of leukemia in his brain fluid or his blood. This is such wonderful news and it means that, for now, what they are doing is working. 

We must continue the chemo treatments because the kind of leukemia Dave has is very aggressive and without those treatments it would come back. The doctors are also concerned that this leukemia could mutate, outsmarting the chemo. 

That’s where you come in…prayer!! This is scary, and God’s power through prayer is what will make the difference that we need. Sorting through what we are hearing from the doctors, their concerns and projections, is overwhelming. But then we always embrace knowing that we can rest in the strong and loving arms of God and fully trust in Him.

Even though we are faced with an uncertain future, we continue to have full confidence in God’s presence and His power to heal. Living in-step with God on the good days and on the really hard days is how to really live.

Today we are celebrating the word “remission.”

Dave and Carol