Quick Update on Dave

Dave was admitted to the hospital last night because we were not able to manage his headache pain and nausea at home. The IV pain meds made a difference last night, but this morning the pain and nausea are escalating again. The doctor has ordered a spinal tap today to rule out the return of leukemia to the brain. Not fun. Very scary.

We are trusting God in this. It’s one thing to trust God, or to say you trust God, when things are smooth. But it’s a completely different thing to truly and completely trust God when things are hard and scary. This is when our faith is tested. Is it real? Is it strong? Is your faith firmly planted in God of the universe who created you and knows everything there is to know about you? To that question we say, “YES.”

Thank you for your continued prayers. They are needed and they are very much appreciated.

The Stoeckleins