Hey Friends, 

Thank you so much for your continued support over the last few months.  After 55 days of being in the hospital, Pastor Dave was able to come home Tuesday night 1/10. The doctors anticipated he would be home for about 10-14 days before needing to head back to the hospital for the second round of treatment. Although he was very tired and weak, he was relieved to be able to sleep in his own bed! On Wednesday night we were able to finally celebrate Christmas as a family!  We opened presents, laughed, and had some quality time together.

Unfortunately, today (Thursday) he was admitted back into the hospital due to a possible infection or allergic reaction.  Earlier this week he was fighting similar symptoms at the hospital.  They were able to control it, and get him to a place where he was ready to come home. It is better at this point that he is at the hospital with the doctors and nurses at his side.  This is not uncommon for cancer patients, and the doctors are confident that he will start seeing improvement very soon from the reaction.

The positive today is that there are still no leukemia cells found in his blood or bone marrow.  The treatment is working, and we are still very hopeful!  

Please pray specifically for these things:

  • For his allergic reaction to completely be healed.
  • For his pain levels.
  • For his ability to eat fatty foods to “beef up”.
  • For him to be able to get back home for a little before the next treatment.
  • For spiritual and emotional strength.
  • For our family and church to remain positive and strong.

Thank you very much. We appreciate your love and kindness. God’s got this.

The Stoecklein Family.