Pray For Dave

Dave woke up with a 102.5 fever at 1am Sunday night. We knew that if we contacted the doctor, we would have to get on the road to Cedars. So we took the blankets off, turned the fan on, and waited 20 minutes to take the temp again. It was 103. Reluctantly, we texted his doctor and as we anticipated she wanted us to get to Cedars ER right away. From there they sent him to ICU because his blood pressure dropped. Now we are back on the oncology floor, hating it and asking God to help us to be obedient in this assignment.

Not knowing what was causing the fever, they started Dave on four different antibiotics. They have now identified the source of the infection that had crossed over into his bloodstream. That’s when you get the high fever and low blood pressure. He is on the right antibiotic now and responding. We are being told that they would usually want him to stay in the hospital on IV antibiotic for 10-14 days, but Dave is negotiating that because that’s just way too long.

God is still using Dave to be an encouragement to others here at the hospital. He had a great conversation with his ICU nurse when she asked him how he could possibly be so nice and so calm and so funny during a time like this. She was amazed. Dave told her it’s because God’s Got This. He told her it’s because God gives us a different perspective and that we can trust him in EVERYTHING. If that was the assignment for this trip to Cedars, we feel like God should let us go home now!

Please keep praying for strength and patience and perseverance and healing. We still believe that God can do ANYTHING! We still believe that He is with us, even though there are days when we are hating the journey. We still believe that God is in control and that he hears every one of your prayers. Every one of them. So please don’t stop.

With much love and appreciation,

Dave and Carol