Positive Updates

We are very excited to share some positive updates with you for both Dave and Jet. Here’s the latest:


Little Jet sure does take after his grandpa; he’s a fighter. The doctors and nurses have been impressed with his progress this week. Jet is now off all ventilators and oxygen support. This means that his lungs have matured to the point where he is now breathing on his own. His blood pressure is stable and he no longer needs a drug called dopamine. We could bore you with the other facts, but the bottom line is that he’s hooked up to fewer tubes and medications. This is very encouraging! 

The only downfall of Jet’s fast progression is that he is experiencing withdrawals from not being on all the medications. This is very difficult to watch, but the doctors have a good process to help him get through the withdrawals. We could still use your prayers for little Jet. Pray that he pushes through the withdrawals and is able to be completely free of all medications. Pray that he continues to grow and mature so that he can come home soon. Lastly, please pray that there are no major or longterm complications in Jet’s future. Thanks!


Today was another Cedars day for Dave. His doctor is thrilled with the progress he is making. In fact, today she thanked him for doing so well. It was a special moment. I’ve never heard a doctor genuinely thank a patient for doing well, but then I started thinking about how it must feel for an oncologist. It must be very rewarding when one of the “difficult cases” is doing well after all the hard decisions and judgement calls that they must make. Dave’s doctor is with all of us in being happy, relieved and thankful that he is doing as well as he is. This is not where she expected him to be a year and a half after brain relapse, and she would agree that it is definitely a “God thing.” Every day is a precious gift. Yesterday was spent taking Smith to the car wash to watch the cars get a bubble bath, and then to Costco where Smith pushed Papa’s wheelchair around the whole store. So fun! 

We appreciate your continued prayer and support for our two fighters, Jet and Dave! We are looking forward to the day very soon when grandpa is able to hold our new, little Jet! 

The Stoeckleins