One More Time

Tuesday morning (3.27) we will be heading to Cedars once again for Dave’s sixth, and hopefully last, lumbar puncture chemo procedure. Ouch! Once again, we ask that you would pray for Dave and his doctors at 9:30 am tomorrow morning. Last week, with all of your prayers, the procedure went so much more smoothly than the time before when we failed to ask for your prayers. Prayer really does make a difference!

Here are some specific things to pray for:

  • Pray that the doctor’s hands will be guided by our Heavenly Father.
  • Please pray that God gives Dave a very deep peace and strong courage.
  • Pray that they are able to avoid all of the nerves.
  • Pray that the spinal fluid drips out quickly.
  • Pray that the chemo goes exactly where it needs to go.
  • Pray for as little pain as possible.

And one last thing… please pray that Dave can get a good night’s sleep tonight.

Thank you everyone. We really do believe that God’s Got This!

The Stoeckleins