My Best Day

Today was my best day!  I’m 84 days old now; that is, since my bone marrow/stem cell transplant.  So my new birthday is April 4, 2012.  

When I was admitted into ICU at Cedars-Sinai Hospital on November 22nd, they put a PICC line in my arm that went through a vein up to my heart.  My PICC line had three ports so that at any time if I needed medicine or chemotherapy, they had options to actually keep me alive.  Since November until today, I’ve carried my PICC line wherever I go.  Every week the dressing around the line had to be precisely and sanitarily changed.  Every shower it had to be wrapped in plastic and protected.  And I wore it with a constant reminder every day and night with these three port lines hanging off my upper left arm that I’m staying alive because of tons of medicine. And because of platelets and blood transfusions that went through the lines. And because of my brother’s stem cells that went through this PICC and gave me a whole new immune system after my system was burned out chasing down leukemia cells.  But most of all it reminded me that God is sovereign over not just my PICC line, but over all that it has taken to fight this battle against cancer and win towards a new life in Him.  
Today, at 84 days old (that’s almost like a 3 month old!), today, my doctor said, “We’re taking the PICC line out.  Dave, you’ve done so well. Your numbers are great.  You look good.  Let’s take it out. We don’t need it any more.”  My heart leaped with amazing joy because this was a marker of the fact that if you believe and stay strong in the battle, you will win.  So my nurse, Wende, once she had prepared the arm for the procedure simply said, “Dave, take a deep breath and lift up your arm and I’m pulling it out.  I closed my eyes, cuz I’m just an 84 day old! I’m still scared it would hurt or sting.  But it didn’t. She said, “Look.”  She was holding a 15-inch line that was my lifeline for 7 ½ months.  Wow.  Leukemia is defeated.  
God’s Got This whether the line came out or not.  But today was my best day – so far.  It was another reminder of how much people have been praying for me.  And prayer works. And God cares.  And… Let’s move on!  I’m not completely “out of the woods” yet.  I have my next marker called Day 100.  That’s when I get another bone marrow biopsy to see if my cells are good and to see if there might be any lurking old cancer cells.  I’m a bit scared about Day 100.  But that day will come and go and no matter what happens, God is still in charge. He’s got this, not cuz that’s a cute saying or a crutch of some kind, but because it’s true.  And it’s only true because I’m one of many followers of Christ who decided to put my whole trust in Him through what Jesus Christ did on the cross 2000 years ago.  Because I bought into God (Jesus), I get to not only say, “God’s Got This,” but I get to own it in my heart.  
When you have had Leukemia and then get your PICC line removed, it’s a huge marker and a reminder, and that’s one beautiful thing!  Best day so far.  But when you put your whole trust in Christ, hey, best life ever!  Priceless.  If you’re still wearing a wristband with “God’s Got This” on it – thank you.  Keep on praying for me, please.  But let that wristband remind you of what a great hope you have today.  Could be your best day.

I love you IHC.  Check out my email I’m sending to you in a couple days.  I’m wanting you to know some key things and when my first weekend back is.  If we don’t have your email, please send it to the church ASAP.  

Okay, later.