Moving Toward The Mess


We’re still moving. We’re still moving forward, toward the mess. It’s painful and sometimes even crushing, but God is with us on this path forward. Every. Single. Day. One foot in front of the other, one step at a time. Depending on God for His strength, comfort and wisdom.

This past Sunday at Inland Hills Church, as a way to honor Andrew and a step of triumph in their grieving, Kayla and Carol delivered the last message that Andrew wrote before he died. It was the third message in the Hot Mess Series that he had been teaching at the church. This series was very important to Andrew because he felt strongly that we should be talking more and learning more about mental illness in our culture, and especially in our churches. He was willing to be open and vulnerable about his struggle with panic attacks, anxiety, and depression to help bring this awareness in an effort to help other people.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to watch the message, here’s a link:

Determine today to be the one! 
Be the one who moves toward hurting people in your life to share God’s love. 
Be the one who accepts people in the middle of their mess. 
Be the one who listens.
Be the one who sits with the brokenhearted.
Be the one who brings hope to the hurting.

Tell God you want to be the one!