One of the doctors used that word today. Miracle! In amazement he said, “It’s simply a miracle that you are still here, that you are feeling as good as you are, that you are getting back some movement in your legs.” Wow! Thank you, Jesus! It was cool to hear a doctor acknowledge God’s hand of providence and care in our crazy circumstances. We needed to be reminded because each day is still a challenge of fatigue, pain, and frustration with the challenges. Today God used a doctor to remind us of His perspective and the miracle we are living.

We have exhausted insurance limits for physical therapy so Dave will now be going to Project Walk in Claremont. We are excited about what they do at Project Walk to help people with spinal cord damage. It will be hard work, but we are hopeful with the possibilities. In his therapy at Casa Colina, Dave has been able to stand and take a few steps at the parallel bars. That was huge! Project Walk is going to continue building on that potential. Even if he is just able to get a little more movement back and is able to stand for a few minutes each day, it would be good for his overall health.

Please pray:
- God’s provision for the needed therapy
- Healing from arthritic pain in shoulders and hands.
- Painful muscle spasms
- Increased energy
- That the leukemia stays away

Thank you for all of your continued prayers. It is a long journey and has required true faithfulness in your prayers. God is listening and He is answering. We celebrate His goodness and grace in each day.

Grateful for God’s mercy,

Dave and Carol