We hit an important milestone yesterday. Baby shots! Six of them. They were deterred for about a year because of relapse, but yesterday was the first in a series of immunizations for Dave’s new immune system. The doctor also gave us conformation from a very sensitive blood test that there is NO sign of leukemia! That’s huge.

On top of that, the doctors were very excited and encouraged with some new movement in Dave’s legs. One doctor said, “That’s unbelievable!” And then after the appointment we saw two of the doctors talking about it in the hallway, with excitement and disbelief. They felt it was time for new assessments with the neurologist, as well as doctors and therapists at Casa Colina. All glory to God!

All this was on the heels of a really hard day on Tuesday. A day with elevated pain, fatigue, and crazy involuntary spasms that we haven’t seen in a long time. Spasms so strong that they sent Dave’s legs flying. It was scary. The highs and lows of this journey, but God is always faithful to remind us of his miraculous strength and presence. It’s amazing that you can be so low and scared and overwhelmed on one day, and then the very next day God gives new encouragements. His mercies are new every morning, and we all need that. We want to figure out how to live in his new mercies everyday. (Lamentations 3:22, 23)

One of the gifts that God gave us yesterday was a song on a CD that someone recently gave us. It’s called Rhythms of Grace, and it was new to us. We listened to it over and over and over again in the car on the way home from the hospital.There is so much truth in this song. It reminded us of God’s greatness and love. It reminded us of our responsibility in this struggle. It reminded us that He is with us and He is enough.

Rhythms Of Grace

My life is a light for Your cause
My will laid aside for Your call
And reserved are the depths of my heart
Only for You

I’m caught in the rhythms of grace
They overcome all of my ways
Realigning each step everyday
To live for Your glory

There’s none beside You God
There’s none beside You God

You’re there in the dark of the night
While holding the sun and its light
Through the triumph and trials alike
There’s no one beside You

Your voice called the stars by their name
You whispered them all to their place
To testify to Your wonder and praise
Both now and forever

There’s none beside You God
There’s none beside You God
I live my life to shine Your light
There’s none beside You God

No eye has seen
No ear has heard
The depths of Your love Lord
No mind can fathom
The love You deserve
How great You are

Read those words once, twice, three times — and then go online and listen to the song, especially if you need some kind of valid perspective in your life. It could be a “moment” for you like it was for us. A “moment” that will help you to have a new, bold, perspective.

Please keep praying!

We appreciate you,

Dave and Carol