Jet Needs Your Prayers


This site is no stranger to posts that ask you for more prayer. We started this blog almost three years ago when my father was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. It was our way to communicate to the people who care so much for our family. The site’s reach has gone way beyond our imagination and we are so thankful for each individual prayer said for us over the last few years. Now we turn to you for prayer for our little Jethro. 

There isn’t a specific diagnosis at this point that we can share with you. The doctor’s words last night were, “Jet is more sick than we expected.” Over the past few days his lungs have shown to be more premature than the rest of his body. They say his body is large for his age, but his lungs are not quite there. That is the main concern right now. He also has low blood pressure, a valve in the heart that isn’t closed yet, and a plethora of other things they are monitoring. It’s all a part of the NICU roller coaster.

Jet is now on the most extreme ventilator called an “Oscillatory Ventilator.” A few days ago we noticed the baby next to Jet was on this extreme looking machine and we asked what it was. The nurse said, “Life support.” Yesterday we walked into the NICU to find that Jet was on that same machine. The doctor helped clarify that it is not the same thing as life support for adults. It’s a ventilator that does the work of breathing for him so that he can rest and have time to heal. The hope is that the lungs strengthen and Jet can eventually take over from the machine. 

He is now hooked up to four major lines: The ventilator to help him breathe; a port in his arm to give him meds; a line through his belly button to monitor blood pressure; and another IV in his leg to do blood transfusions. Oh, and a urinary catheter to help him completely drain all the fluids they are giving to him. We know that sounds like too much information, but we want you to have specifics as you cover Jet in prayer. 

We have quickly learned that the only thing predictable about the NICU is that each day will be unpredictable. However, the certainty that we do have is only found in our Heavenly Father. He is the Author of Life and we fully trust that He is watching over little Jet. 

God’s Got This.