It's Working

We have great news! It’s working!! The leukemia is now not detectable in the blood or the brain. Wow, God, thank you. Thank you!

Dave still must have a bone marrow biopsy next week and he needs to continue doing the chemo twice a week for now, but it’s WORKING and we have more time! More time to enjoy life. More time to work on getting stronger. More time to serve God and share with others what it’s like to have a real and personal relationship with Him – in the good times and the bad. More time!!!!

Dave is such an anomaly to these doctors. So many of the things that have happened (both good and bad) have been things these doctors have never seen. Today the doctor again reiterated that she hasn’t seen, hasn’t heard of, and can’t find a person in the literature that has survived leukemia-free for 18 months after relapse in the brain. And now after this second relapse, God is giving us the gift of even more time. 

We have no idea what the future will bring, but we rejoice in the blessing of this wonderful gift. Will it be one month, one year, ten years? Don’t know! Our prayer is that in all of this, God will help us to get better at living with peace and joy and fullness in each and every day that He gives us. Even in the really terrible days. There are days where we have succeeded, and there are days where we have failed miserably at finding joy. So much to learn.

We hope you will celebrate with us today in God’s goodness, grace, and mercy. Go hug someone right now and tell them, “Every day is precious. Don’t waste it!”

God’s Got This.

God’s Still Got This. 

God will always, always, always have this.

And God’s got your stuff, too, if you will give it to Him.

The Stoeckleins