Dear Friends,

We have much reason to celebrate this Christmas! The Bible tells us that God is faithful, especially in the middle of our struggles and sufferings.  And it’s so true. Our family is experiencing God’s faithfulness even on our most difficult days.

We are thrilled to report that with the skill of the doctors and nurses, the effectiveness of modern medicine, and the healing hand of God all working together, important and significant progress is being made.  This week the doctors did another bone marrow biopsy. The next day they were excited to tell us that they saw no leukemia cells in Dave’s bone marrow.  This is huge.  It’s the first milestone in a long process and an amazing answer to all of our prayers. Yeah God.

And there is more… two of Dave’s siblings are perfect bone marrow matches.  A match and an extra match! What a huge relief to know that when the time comes for Dave’s transplant, which will probably be in a couple months, we will have everything we need. Thank you for all of your prayers for Dave and our family.  He is answering your prayers, and we can feel your love and support in so many ways.

Here’s a few current prayer needs:
  1. Pain relief in his mouth, throat and esophagus cause by mucositis.
  2. Ability to eat which is very difficult and painful right now.
  3. Gain some weight and physical strength back.
  4. White blood cell count restored to 3K so Dave can come home to rest for a while.
  5. Please pray for the other people on our floor at Cedars who are also fighting the terrible disease of cancer. Pray for comfort and strength for them and their families.

All of us have struggles, concerns, or doubts and our prayer is that you would turn to God as your source of HOPE this Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone.

The Stoecklein Family