Home In Time

We made it home in time for a fun evening with this adorable little cow! So fun. And thank you to a special friend who made Dave a very cool pumpkin with an important message on it. The reminder that “God’s Got This” never gets old. Never.

Fever and infection are tackled once again, and now we resume the work of getting Dave stronger. Every day is a challenge and every day we remind each other that God most certainly has us securely held in His strong and gracious hands. We can live this journey with all its ups and downs, highs and lows, only because we know with certainty that God is living this with us.

It’s not enough to just FEEL that God’s Got This; you’ve got to KNOW it. Feelings deceive; feelings come and go; feelings won’t hold up in the tough times. One thing this journey has taught us is that if you’re basing your relationship with God on feelings alone, it won’t last. If you are basing your belief in God on just feelings, you will become disillusioned and angry when life is hard and your good feelings evaporate.

How can we KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is with us in this? It’s all based on the truth and promises found in the Bible, God’s Word of Truth to us. It’s a foundation you can build your life on, something that will be there for you in good times and bad. It’s real. It’s true.

If you live in the Chino area and you’d like to hear more about the truth of the Bible, we invite you to check out Inland Hills Church. We are starting a new message series this weekend where we will be exploring questions like, Can you trust the Bible? and Does the Bible apply to my life? We encourage you to explore those questions now and find the firm and clear answers that you can base your life on. Why? Because one day you may encounter really hard things, and you’re going to need what God and the Bible offer. It’s true. It’s strong It’s secure. It’s needed. It’s necessary. It’s essential. It’s life-changing.

We will never stop leaning on the promises of God found in The Book.

Carol and Dave