After two months, Dave is finally home from the hospital. Home feels good. Being together as a family means so much. Every moment is precious.

We are very thankful to be home. We are very thankful that Dave has been able to overcome the fevers and flu, and everything that came with it. It was so scary. Now we need to concentrate on helping him catch up on sleep, getting him stronger, and doing everything we can to enjoy life.

All the doctors and therapists on the rehab floor at Cedars were great. They worked Dave from morning to late afternoon every day, all working to give him as much strength and ability as possible. We appreciate their efforts and their kindness. We will miss them. (Gene, we didn’t get to say good bye to you. Thank you! You mean a lot to Dave.)

The learning curve is quite steep with this altered body Dave is now living in. The spinal cord damage from the chemo has stolen all strength and ability in his legs. There is a lot for us to figure out, but that doesn’t mean life can’t still be wonderful. A different kind of wonderful. We are taking it slow and being very patient with each other. The kids have all been so great, willing to do anything they can to help their dad.

Here’s some things you can continue to pray for:
* That Dave continues to stay in remission from the leukemia.
* That God would give the doctors great wisdom for the ongoing treatment for the leukemia.
* For regained strength and ability with the physical therapy.
* For God to protect Dave’s body from viruses, bacterias, flu, cold, etc.
* For emotional and mental strength to rise above these physical challenges.
* That God would help us to squeeze every bit of enjoyment out of life as it is right now.
* For Carol’s body to stay strong for the needed care and lifting, especially back and knees.
* For God’s healing touch on Dave’s body – we aren’t giving up on that!

A very sincere “thank you” to all of you who have helped us. From building ramps at the house, to providing meals or financial assistance, to sending cards and notes of encouragement and the assurance of your continued prayers on this very long journey. Thank you for showing us your love and support. We are very grateful.

The Stoeckleins