He Did It!!!

Thank you everyone for praying. Dave was able to give an amazing message of hope at all four  church services live and in person this last weekend. Thank you, God! It was a wonderful weekend with packed-out services, and the Spirit of the Lord was certainly with us. Many people heard the gospel message of Jesus Christ and many responded to His gift of grace for the very first time. That’s why we do what we do! That’s why Dave is working so hard to be as healthy as he can be – for a very long time!

Prayer really does make a difference, no matter how bleak your circumstances may seem. Faith in God is real. It’s not just a crutch for weak people. It’s not just silly nonsense or ridiculous hype for crazy people. If you put your faith and complete trust in the Creator of the universe, in the God who loves each one of us with a love beyond what we can even understand and who wants a personal relationship with you and me… if you put you trust in that God, you will never be alone. You will never be overcome. He will never let you go.

This past year and a half has been crazy, and the last couple months have been scary, BUT GOD is still in control and He can still be trusted. This strong and mighty God is still holding us in His loving arms and giving us good days. Great days! Just last night Dave said, “Today was such a great day. God is giving us such good days." 

We are rejoicing in the goodness of God today and celebrating each moment!