Greeted Home

Dave was released from the hospital late Monday night, and we were greeted home by this beautiful sight. Felt good. Paige and Austin surprised us by putting up the Christmas tree to welcome us home. Our kids continue to be incredibly loving and supportive, and we appreciate them so much. Difficulty tests patience and endurance to be sure, but this difficulty has brought us closer and stronger than ever, depending on each other in many ways. We are very fortunate that our children enjoy hanging out with us. If they don’t, they’re doing a really good job of pretending. Either way, we love it! Ha.

Back at home, Dave is back to working at getting stronger and also preparing this weekend’s message. His goal and desire are to teach live this weekend and we are hopeful that can happen. His mind and his spirit are more willing than his body these days, but he continues to serve God in every way possible. Please pray he is able this weekend. God knows.

Thank you to Donna in Michigan who saw this website and sent our family gifts of encouragement and the assurance of her prayers even though she has never met us. We appreciate every one of your prayers, Donna. That’s how we get through the ups and downs of each and every day. God is listening to your prayers and he is answering.

Thank you to all of you who continue to pray for Dave and continue to encourage our family.

Much love,