This Saturday Dave was able to attend Paige’s graduation from Biola University. It was a very exciting day for us, not only because we are really proud of Paige in this wonderful accomplishment, but also because the doctor cleared Dave to be able to attend (so long as he stayed out of the sun and away from the crowds). Tricky, but we did it. The expression on Paige’s face when she saw her dad arrive at her graduation was priceless. It was a special day. A day that we didn’t know we would have a few months ago. EVERYTHING is so much more precious now.

Life with Dave is a joy and our family is very appreciative to God for each and every day. Dave’s sense of humor is as good as ever! He is definitely the one who brings the most life and energy to our home. And even on his most difficult days he doesn’t complain. The strength and the grace with which he has endured this terrible journey are an inspiration and a testament to God’s power, but also to Dave’s amazing courage, humility, and integrity. The nurses are always so glad when they get him as their patient because he is such a pleasure to serve. He is easygoing, understanding, and always interested in their lives… even when he is in discomfort or pain. He treats them with a respect and an appreciation that they don’t always receive from their patients.

Someday Dave is going to read this and be mad at me for bragging on him, but it’s all so true and I can’t help it. I’m just so very proud of him. I’m watching this all unfold every single day. A person’s true character comes out when they endure such difficult circumstances, and this man is a gem of a person.

We are at day 54 today! More than halfway to the very important 100 day marker. So far since transplant, Dave has only had one temperature spike that a single dose of Tylenol took care of, he has only needed one bag of platelets and one blood transfusion. That’s just simply a miracle! A miracle! Don’t get me wrong, there have been plenty of things that have been painful and very difficult, but God has been by our side, helping us through every difficult moment. We are completely in his hands. Dr. Lopez is being very careful and watchful, which I love and appreciate. We are trying to be diligent in all of the post-transplant rules that we are supposed to be living within and taking over 40 pills a day. But most of all, we know that God is in this with us each and every day, and that gives us great hope in what He is going to continue to do in the days and weeks to come.

We continue to do our best to be patient and believe that we are going to get back to a “normal” life in time. It will definitely be an altered life, a “new normal” for us, but something wonderful indeed. Please continue to pray for Dave’s fragile new immune system, and for his weak and fragile body. Dr. Lopez reminds us that he is like a brand new baby and we need to protect him as such. We continue to drive to Cedars three times a week. Those are usually very long days. This schedule may continue until around day 100, and then gradually taper off.

Trusting in the great and mighty God of the universe…
    - who knows everything there is to know about each and every one of us
    - who loves us and wants to have a real and personal relationship with you and me
    - who truly cares about every little detail of our lives
That’s a God we know we can trust, no matter what!

Carol Stoecklein