Good Day

Saturday was a great day. It felt normal. It was fun.

Paige, Carol and Dave drove up the mountain to Lake Arrowhead. Once we drove above the clouds it was absolutely beautiful! We shopped a little at the outlets in Arrowhead and found some great deals! Then we drove over to The Cottage on Hwy 18 for a late lunch. If you haven’t eaten there, you’ve gotta try it sometime. Great food. They forgot to put the meat in Paige’s hamburger. We laughed. They didn’t bring the ketchup until after our fries were cold. We laughed some more. When Dave came back from the bathroom, he let us know that it was 15 steps down to get there and 15 steps back up. He said we just had to check out the bathrooms before we left. It was an experience well worth all those steps. Ha.

Dave is getting stronger every day. There was amazing light and life in his eyes today. It’s great to see. If it wasn’t for the neuropathy, which is painful and makes it difficult to walk, he would seem even stronger. We are very encouraged and hopeful.

What a wonderful day to take a drive. It felt so normal and we loved it.

Carol and Paige