God's Still Got This


To my Andrew, 

Today you would be SO proud. This movement you created 7 years ago when you opened up your computer at your father’s bedside in the hospital. This movement that started with a simple wristband and blog about real life stuff. This movement will continue to radically change lives, and today it got a brand new website! I wish you were here. I can clearly imagine you smiling ear to ear, a real genuine smile, beaming, proud, and full of vision for the future! You had BIG plans for God’s Got This

You were always SO creative. I loved that about you. I remember you dreaming of creating a line of God’s Got This merchandise. I’ll never forget all of those boxes of T-shirts you ordered in the mail trying to find the perfect shirt with the perfect fit and the perfect feel. You wanted the first God‘s Got This T-shirt to be PERFECT.  You knew these words weren’t just words. You knew this phrase wasn’t just a phrase. You knew people needed to hear this message of hope and you wanted it to spread like wildfire.

You never had a chance to make the first T-shirt but we did, we had to. We couldn’t just let your dreams and vision go to waste. Thank you for dreaming big, inspiring us and teaching us to believe no matter what God‘s Got This.  

We hate this, we miss you and your dad so much. We are broken and hurting but not without hope! We aren’t backing down and we aren’t giving up!

The church hasn’t given up either. You would be SO proud of Inland Hills Church. You would be amazed at how the church has chosen to respond to this tragedy. Hundreds of people received freedom through healing and prayer last weekend. God is moving mountains and the enemy may have taken your life, but he has not won. 

This Sunday your mom and I will step on the stage to give your last message.  We believe just like you did that people need to hear part 3 of “Hot Mess” series. A message you worked hard to write, a message you were excited to give, a message you knew God wanted to speak through you.

Sifting through your notes has given me a whole new appreciation for you. I truly did not understand the pressure, time, and energy it took to: research, write, and craft such a powerful message. Working on this has been tough. It has been deeply painful, yet sacred and beautiful to see your giftedness even in a word document. I know my best attempt at teaching this weekend won’t even come close to the message you would have given, but I’ll try.   

We are all just trying. We are all trying to do our best to get through this. Thanksgiving was brutal, Smith’s birthday was brutal, looking ahead at all of the celebrations to come is brutal.

I miss you.

This time of the year isn’t “Merry,” “Happy,” or “Bright” but we are getting through it. We are putting a little fence around each day, taking it one day at a time, not looking too far ahead. Each day is a big accomplishment. Each day is one day closer to eternity. Each day is one day closer to peace. 

Thank you for the gift that it was be your wife. 

Thank you for inspiring me to do big things. 

Thank you for showing me how: to not give up, to do it right, and to live for God! 

I love you so much, 

This new website is for you.

This weekend is for you. 

It is my joy to honor you for the amazing life you lived.  

God’s Still Got This

All my love, 

Your Girl