God is with us

We wanted to give you a quick update. Since our call out for prayers a couple days ago, many of you are wondering how Dave is doing. 

The last few days have definitely been difficult, but in spite of it all God is with us and He has a purpose. In fact, just this morning Dave “preached” a mini-sermon to one of our wonderful nurses on the battle of good and evil in this world. About how Satan can bother us, tempt us, and even at times torment us… But God is bigger and stronger and has already defeated evil. We don’t have to be afraid. We just have to decide who we are going to live for. We just have to respond to God and live under the power of His presence and His grace. We choose Him. This nurse was blown away at how simple and clear our Pastor Dave explained this complex and confusing concept. That’s our Dave! God continues to use him from a hospital bed during some of his darkest days. Amazing stuff!

On Dave’s status: He is slowly getting better. His fevers are still randomly spiking, but not going as high as they were. His speech is getting a lot better - that is a huge relief to us. The confusion and memory loss are gone, as proved by his amazing “sermon” this morning. The hallucinations he was experiencing seem to have subsided. Still lots of pain in his feet and a hot rash over his entire body that looks like a severe sunburn. They are giving him a blood transfusion today so that will hopefully help him feel a little better.

God is answering your prayers. Thank you for the impact that you are making on this crazy journey with your love, your care, and your prayers. We need you and we appreciate you.

The Stoecklein family