God Is With Us

Another fever, another trip to the emergency room in the middle of the night, another few days in the hospital. We appreciate Cedars and all the wonderful people who work here, but not enough to stay any longer than absolutely necessary! We are hoping to go home soon so we can get back to the work we were doing to get Dave stronger. 

God promises to always be with us. It’s His promise to us in the Bible, and I believe that promise with everything in me. But then life happens, and sometimes in the struggles of life I begin to wonder. Thursday night was one of those times. Driving to the hospital in the middle of the night with a sick husband in the passenger seat, feeling exhausted and disappointed, I found myself asking, “God, where are you in this?” Sitting for hours in the emergency room when all I wanted was to be at home, asleep in my comfy bed, I found myself asking it again. “God, where are you in this?” Then came the answer, very clearly to my heart, the assurance of God’s love and strength and presence. God was speaking quietly and firmly to my heart and soul, saying, “Carol, I’m right here with you. Right here in this ER room. I will never leave you or forsake you. I’m right here with you.” We aren’t doing this alone, and more than anything we want you to know that you aren’t living your difficult thing alone either, if you are reaching out to God in the middle of it. What a difference that makes! It may not take the struggle away, but it does make the living of the struggle very different.

We also have some really good news to tell you about. Last week we asked you to pray for a bone biopsy that Dave had on Tuesday. Because of some changes in the bones that were noticed on an Xray, the doctors wanted to rule out the possibility of leukemia or lymphoma in his bones. And, thankfully, that’s exactly what the biopsy showed – no leukemia or lymphoma! We are greatly relieved and we are thanking God once again. We still don’t know what is causing the changes in the bones, but everyone, including the doctors, are greatly relieved that it isn’t “the big, bad thing.”

Dave was working towards being able to speak in the church services (live and in person) this last weekend, and he was really bummed that this latest hospital stay kept him from doing that. Hopefully soon. Fortunately, he had filmed the message earlier in the week. Gotta love technology, but still a disappointment to Dave. He still yearns to fulfill his calling in ministry to the people of IHC. 

Things you can continue to pray for:
* renewed strength
* control of pain caused by spinal cord issues
* no more infections
* leukemia stays away

We appreciate all your prayers and your encouragement.