God is Good

For those of you who prayed for Dave today, I know you’re wondering how his procedure went. I am very happy to report that out of the six times he has had to undergo the lumbar puncture, this was by far the quickest and least painful. Yeah! We are so relieved and we hope that he doesn’t ever have to do that again. When the tech came into the waiting room to tell me they were finished, I was amazed at how quick it had gone. When I went back into the room where Dave was, he was smiling and very relieved. That was so great to see. I should have taken a picture!

We are very thankful to Dr. Azzam for his kind and skillful care. We are very thankful to all the nurses for their genuine concern for Dave’s wellbeing. We are very thankful to all of you who were praying. We are very thankful to the computer trainer from Alabama who quickly called her husband back home so that he and their church could be praying. And we are so very thankful to God for his continual presence of grace and mercy and healing and strength in this journey.

We appreciate you!