Frustrated & Grateful

Many emotions are competing for our attention right now. Frustration and gratefulness are two of them. We are incredibly frustrated that Dave spiked another fever on Saturday which put us back here at Cedars.  The feelings of not wanting to be here are stronger and more invasive than ever, but we are doing our best to submit to what God is allowing. We know that we must stay centered in God’s love and mercy or we will become overwhelmed with all the negative emotions.

At the same time that we are feeling so frustrated and exhausted, we are also very grateful. We are grateful that Dave is responding to treatment and will likely be home again soon. We are grateful that he was able to give the message in all three services a couple weekends ago. We are grateful that our family was together at home for Thanksgiving. We are grateful that little Smith walked across the room to Grandpa the other day. Those are all such good things and we don’t want to allow the good things and our gratefulness to get swallowed up by the frustration, anger and grief we feel over the struggle that we are still living. It’s not easy, but we are learning.

  • Thank you to the sheriff who found out we were here on Saturday and brought us coffee and delicious treats from a local cafe. 
  • Thank you to the neighbors who dropped off encouraging gifts on the porch this week. Your love was felt.
  • Thank you to an amazing church family that served 5,000 meals to struggling people on Thanksgiving. Keeps us going.
  • Thank you to the gentleman who gave a donation that helped tremendously with medical expenses. We appreciate you.
  • Thank you to the friend who sent a heartfelt note, reminding us of his love and prayers and friendship. Loved the memories.
  • Thank you to our Heavenly Father for his constant strength and presence, even on the dark and scary days.

There are many things to be grateful for and we are going to do our best to live in gratefulness today. Gratefulness chases away frustration, and we need that.

The Stoeckleins