Fever Update

Hey friends, 

This weekend at church I gave an update on Dave and shared that early Sunday morning his fever had spiked to 102.5 degrees. It was scary for us because his immune system is completely shot right now. His body doesn’t have much to fight an infection right now. 

After church on Sunday I left straight for the hospital and was there till 10pm. During that time his fever had reduced to 98.6 degrees! We eventually spoke with Dr. Lopez which is always a huge blessing. She is by far the most caring and loving Doctor we have had so far. She assured us that his fever is completely normal and expected at this stage in the transplant. Her words, “No one gets through a transplant without a fever;)” They are still unsure what caused the fever, and sometimes they never know. Keep praying that his temperature stays normal and doesn’t spike again.

He is also experiencing some difficulty swallowing, which is a side affect from on of the chemos they have him on. The technical term is ‘Mucositis’ and is an inflammation in the esophagus and digestive tract. He has had this before and it even spread to his mouth. So please continue to pray for these side affects to go away and that the pain is manageable.

The next couple weeks will be a difficult ones, but we know it’s all part of the process to get him healthy again!  Dr. Lopez assured us that he is doing amazing compared to most transplant patients at this stage. He is fighter, and we are very proud of him.

God is able.

Andrew Stoecklein