Donuts & Delays

Hey friends, 

As you can see… mom and Austin have been enjoying the donuts our dad has been craving lately :)  Many of you know, we were planning on heading back to the hospital today (Wed) to start the second round of chemo.  Unfortunately, in the last few days Dave came down with an infection that will keep him at home for a few more days.  He is on a few medications that have already helped improve his conditions.  The doctors are expecting that he will be well enough by Monday to head back to Cedars Sinai.

While we are excited to have a few more days at home, it feels more like a delay.  Over the last few months there have been several of these delays that seem to get in the way.  It can be very easy to let these setbacks distract and defeat us from pressing forward.  However, because our faith is in God we are able to find strength and confidence as we press on.

A verse that has been ringing in my head as I think about my dad before going to bed is Proverbs 3:24, When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.” That specific verse has been my prayer for him lately - that God would take any fear away and his sleep would be sweet.  My hope is that you would join me in this prayer, especially as your head hits the pillow.

God’s got this.

Andrew Stoecklein