Diligent Prayer

Here is something we just had to share. An amazing example of diligent prayer that expresses such great love for Dave, as well as great faith in our God. Our friend in India, Pastor Joshua, recently sent us an email that meant so much to us and demonstrates a diligence in prayer that we can all learn from. Joshua and several of the village pastors that serve with him, went out into a remote part of the jungle to pray for Dave for two weeks. Two weeks of continuous prayer!

Here’s the email:

Hearty Greetings to you in Jesus most precious name,
Our Lord had given me heavy heart for Beloved Pastor David to pray for his complete healing for two weeks in a solitary mountain. That is why two weeks I left home with some of the evangelists and went to a solitary place in jungle area where nobody comes. There we prayed continuously for two weeks for our beloved Pastor for complete healing and no more pain or symptoms of leukemia in the rest of his life. God has given answer to our prayers and wiped away all our tears. I came home yesterday and saw the good news in godsgotthis.org and worshiped the Lord with all our hearts for His goodness.
Thank you so much for all your goodness and prayers,
With much prayers and with much Gratitude,
Your brother in his service,
Joshua. P
God’s servant.

Thank you so much, Pastor Joshua. We appreciate your love and your example of diligent prayer. We know that God hears all of our prayers and He is answering. Oh, how we desire complete healing. We continue to trust in the goodness of God.

Thank you everyone for your love, support, and prayers. We appreciate you so much.

The Stoeckleins