Dave Update 12.16

Hey Friends,

Thank you everyone for your prayers, your words of love and encouragement on this website, your cards, and your participation in the blood drive. As we sit here in the hospital, it’s hard to explain how encouraging and comforting it is to know that many people are praying and supporting us. We aren’t accustomed to being the ones on this end of the “care equation,” but it’s wonderful beyond words to see the body of Christ in action just as God intended.

Dave continues to receive heavy doses of daily chemo and along with it the usual side effects. While this is a miserable time for him, God is ever faithful in providing the strength and patience to live each day with hope, perseverance, and even his typical sense of humor. He is convinced that each day is an opportunity to encourage others. Last night he was able to pray for a man whose wife is struggling with a similar diagnosis. It was a very special moment. I’m so proud of how God is using him from his hospital bed, and you would be too!

Specific Prayer Needs:
  1. Continued pain management – pain in chest, ribs, back and mouth.
  2. Difficulty with swallowing.
  3. Success with the chemo in completely wiping out the leukemia in the bone marrow.
  4. A perfectly matched bone marrow donor.
  5. Enough energy to go on two or three short walks each day so that he can keep up his physical strength.
  6. That Dave stays free from all infection while his immune system is depleted.
  7. Wisdom for Dr. Angela Lopez and her team.
Together as a community we will get through this because God’s Got This and we can trust Him! We appreciate you!
Carol Stoecklein