Hey friends, 

Thank you so much for spreading the news about GODSGOTTHIS.ORG!  Because of your support, literally tens of thousands of people around the country are praying for Pastor Dave!  

Prayers Answered:

  • White blood cell count down from 98K to 19K this morning.  This drop started during our weekend services at IHC as we were praying!
  • His collapsed lungs have improved and he is now off oxygen at the moment.
  • Pain is much better managed.
  • Hopefully moving out of ICU (intensive care unit) and into the oncology unit.

Specific Prayers Needed:

  •  Keep praying for all of the above to continue improving.
  • Improvement in the condition of the liver function, in order to handle the Chemo he desperately needs to start.
  • Continued effectiveness of the two types of Chemo treatments he is already receiving.
  • A good night’s sleep.
  • Continue praying for God to show YOU the next right step of growth in YOUR personal walk with God.
  • Pray for the ministry at Inland Hills Church to continue reaching our community.

We really do believe that GOD’S GOT THIS.

The Stoecklein Family.