Biopsy Today

Dave will be undergoing a bone marrow biopsy Today (Monday) to see if the leukemia is also in his marrow. This is a huge thing as it will make a very big difference in the course of treatment. Here’s how you can pray:

  • The biopsy goes smoothly.
  • The results show NO leukemia in the bone marrow.
  • Dave’s headaches continue to diminish and can be managed at home.
  • That the intrathecal chemo would rapidly DESTROY the leukemia in his brain.
  • For Dave’s spirits to stay strong and focused on what God can do.
  • That he can regain his strength after being bedridden and not eating much.

Thank you so very much! We desperately need every one of your prayers. We will let you know the results as soon as we have them.

This statement from Andrew’s message today is carrying me through right now: “IN THE MOST DIFFICULT TIMES OF LIFE WE WANT CLARITY, BUT GOD WANTS OUR TRUST.”

I am clinging to that right now, and the truth that God is trustworthy. I know He is trustworthy and I’ve seen it, but it’s still hard. I keep telling God that it’s just so “foggy” for me right now. I can’t see clearly and it all feels so murky. But then I turn to God in prayer and am reminded of His healing power. It’s what He does. It’s who He is. That’s enough.

Please join us for a Night of Prayer tomorrow night (Monday) at 7pm at Inland Hills Church. A community of unified prayer is a powerful thing!

Continuing to trust no matter what,

Carol Stoecklein