Best Medicine

Dave spent a few days in the hospital last week due to a high fever that came on suddenly, racking his body with shivering and disequilibrium. The last thing he remembers from that night is attending church. Thankfully we have a young, “text savvy” doctor who answers our texts in the middle of the night, alerting the ER that we are on our way. And thankfully Dave responded quickly to the antibiotics. The doctors and nurses were thrilled to be able to send him home in time for Thanksgiving. They considered this his “holiday hello” and hope they don’t see him for a very long time! A concerning, but ultimately, a small detour.

An hour after getting home from the hospital, Dave was pulling Smith around the backyard in his birthday wagon. Best medicine ever! At first it wasn’t working with the wheelchair, and then they found a bungee cord. If the bungee cord hadn’t worked, I’m sure they would have resorted to duct tape! What a joy to watch these two play together in the backyard.

Dave is slowly getting stronger in spite of relapse and chemo. Most days are still spent resting in bed, but each day brings a little more stamina. Today was his first day back in physical therapy at Project Walk. He has lost most of the strength and movement he had been able to achieve in his legs, but today he was able to stand with assistance. It’s tough to be kicked back this far after working so hard to gain strength. It’s discouraging. But Dave is a persistent fighter. No giving up here.

Tomorrow is another chemo treatment. They are tough. At this point, the treatments are every three to four weeks. Not sure how much longer they will continue. The doctors are absolutely amazed that the treatments are working and there is now no detectible leukemia in Dave’s body. A miracle that we are incredibly thankful for!!

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12

We will keep praying. We will keep persevering.

Carol Stoecklein