Back at Cedars

Today we returned to Cedars for the next step in our journey with leukemia. It was a bittersweet drive, knowing that these next few weeks are probably going to be very difficult, but at the same time knowing this is taking us one step closer to Dave being back to full health.

As we were registering at the hospital, we happened to run into the man who has been our Cedars contact in coordinating the two blood drives we have done at IHC. Many of you met him at the blood drives. We had never met this man before, but he recognized Dave and was thrilled to meet him. He also enthusiastically commended the church for the huge response to those blood drives. He said that the love, faith, and commitment was unlike anything they had ever experienced before. Way to go, IHC!

The plan, as of today, is for Dave to undergo four days of chemo, then two days of rest, followed by the stem cell transplant next week. This is a very fragile and scary time we are headed into. Our hope is for a complete cure and that is what we are depending on God for. God is with us. He is answering our prayers and we are fully trusting in Him. It gives us great confidence to know that people all around the world are praying for Dave. 

In these next few days, please pray for limited side effects from the chemo. One of these chemos is known to cause the mucositis (terrible mouth and throat sores), so that is something specific you can pray about. We will keep you posted with how Dave is doing. The chemo will be starting tonight about 10 o'clock.

“Trust in the Lord forever, for in the Lord God you have an everlasting Rock.” Isaiah 26:4

Trusting Our Lord God,

Dave and Carol