Another Hospital Room

Here we sit in another hospital room – actually me sitting and Dave sleeping, and that’s a good thing because he needs more sleep. We drove to Cedars this morning for an appointment with a neurologist to learn more about what’s going on with Dave’s legs, and we ended up being admitted for more tests. We are expecting this to just be for a couple days.

After an extensive examination this morning, the doctor showed us the MRI pictures, pointing out markings on the spinal cord that are abnormal. Those areas are indicating some sort of damage or deterioration, and it is what’s causing the symptoms. The problem is that they still don’t know what’s causing the damage. Some of the possibilities are infection, chemo toxicity, or some other kinds of deficiency. The neurologist did say that the leukemia is still a possibility, but he is “quite certain it is not the leukemia.” Those were his exact words and we are holding him to them!

We are frustrated, scared, and overwhelmed, but we are still trusting our great, big God!! This God who we know in a very personal way; this God who knows Dave and loves him more than any of us possibly could; this God who truly can be trusted. No deficiencies there!

While we are here at the hospital, Dave will be getting another dose of chemo into the brain tomorrow, however because of the possible toxicity, they are switching up the formula.

Here’s how you can pray:
- doctor’s wisdom on what chemo to use tomorrow
- no side effects to the chemo
- accurate diagnosis for what is causing the problem with Dave’s legs
- answers and solutions to resolve the issues
- encouragement and rest for Dave

Thank you so much for your prayers. We need them.