Another ER Visit

We have been having some better days at home. Dave has been feeling a little better and gaining strength. You should see him with Smith. Such a good grandpa. In fact, Smith’s favorite place is sitting on Grandpa’s lap in his wheelchair. The way they look at each other is priceless. The way they play together is so fun to watch.

Unfortunately, yesterday Dave suddenly got another fever. We now know what this means – get to the ER as soon as possible. So we put him in the car and got on the road, realizing we were going a little too fast when we saw flashing lights in the rear view mirror. The officer was not moved to mercy with our story. I guess one ticket in two years of constant trips back and forth from the hospital isn’t too bad.

So here we are, antibiotics are taking care of the fever once again, but we are very tired and Dave is miserable.This is getting very frustrating and scary and old.  Please pray God’s wisdom for the doctors attempting to find ways to prevent these infections and even more for God’s protection against them. Each infection weakens Dave and interrupts his attempts to get stronger. We want to move forward, we need more days without fighting infections. We still have so much to do!

I don’t know how people get through struggles like this without God with the strength and patience He gives. I just cannot imagine living this without turning to Him and the encouragement of His Word. We continue to run to Him in this struggle. That doesn’t make it easy; it makes it possible. That doesn’t mean it all makes sense; it means it doesn’t have to.

Hoping to be home again soon,

Carol Stoecklein