Almost Home

Hey friends, 

After the services this weekend at Inland Hills, I drove straight to the hospital to spend some time with dad.  As I walked into the room I could see a major improvement in his progress just from looking at him.  As I glanced at the white board to see his numbers, I noticed they had climbed incredibly!  These numbers reflect his white blood cell, hemoglobin, and platelet count.  What this means is that the donor’s marrow is starting to take hold in Dave’s body. This process is called engrafting

The doctors walked into the room soon after I showed up.  They expressed how proud of Dave they were and that he should be headed home shortly!  Possibly this week sometime.  I say this lightly because things can change quickly around here.

Every time I get to spend the night with dad it is a blessing full of special moments. Last night we were able to sit up for a while and watch Meta “World Peace?” pretend to be a boxer again (joke for my Laker fans). I told dad some cool “God stories” that many of you have shared with me lately. We even had the chance to talk and dream about future message series and ministry plans. I am beyond excited about what God is doing both here and now, and in our near future!

Even though most of the night went well, Dave was still experiencing some pain and discomfort from some of the medications.  It ended up being one of those sleepless nights, but we got through it!  Here are some ways you can focus your prayers this week: 

  • Thank God for the wins we already have!
  • Pray for naseau and stomach pain to go away.
  • Pray for his blood count levels to continue to climb to where they need to be.
  • Pray for sleep and rest.
  • Pray for everything to line up so he can get home soon!

Thanks for your prayers and support. Our family loves you deeply.

Andrew Stoecklein