A True Roller Coaster

We’ve been home now for two weeks. It has been good, hard, wonderful, horrible, amazing, and exhausting. A true roller coaster of events and emotions. We have enjoyed special times together as a family, and we have navigated some really difficult times as we deal with our new realities. One moment we’re enjoying the laughter of our precious little Smith, and the next moment we’re worried about a new symptom that surfaces, trying to decide whether or not to call the doctor. One day we’re celebrating the delivery of a fancy loaner wheelchair, and the next day we’re on the phone all day caught in the cracks of the system between insurance, doctors, and medical suppliers. 

Our task these days is to celebrate and fully enjoy the good things while we do our best to minimize all the ugly, difficult, and frustrating things. Our goal is to make the most (the very most!) of each blessing, each moment, each smile, each tear. Giving grace to each other when we make mistakes, like setting the alarm three hours too early - yikes! Encouraging each other when we feel discouraged and tired. Cheering each other on when there are victories and milestones… even as small as the movement of a foot or getting the delivery of needed supplies or accomplishing a smooth transfer to the wheelchair.

Dave is continuing to make progress and regain strength. After he tackled that terrible flu virus, he wasn’t even able to sit up unassisted. There was no strength or balance. None. Atrophy and degeneration invade so quickly, and it takes a lot of determination and hard work to regain even a portion of what was once there. Dave is doing that, and we are so proud of him. He is now able to sit in the wheelchair for portions of the day and his upper body strength is returning. Our wonderful physical therapist is finding little bits of movement and ability in Dave’s legs. Kathy is giving her time to Dave, and she’s the best therapist he has. Thank you, Kathy!

There are some really wonderful people who have extended themselves to us, and we are very thankful. This road would be so much more difficult without the support and love and care and help from others. We appreciate each of you and every gesture of encouragement and support. 

Please continue to pray:
* For God to keep the leukemia away.
*That Dave would continue to regain strength and ability.
* For God to give wisdom about the constant twitching in his legs. Very annoying and sometimes painful, especially at night.
* Continued health and strength of his lungs.
*Emotional and spiritual stamina.

We will continue to fight forward and live in God’s wonderful graciousness in the middle of this terrible storm. Not easy, but there is no other way.

The verse that Paige read to us last night:
“My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever.” Psalm 73:26

Not just for us… for you, too!

The Stoeckleins